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Frank Clements has been teaching Business English at NYEA for 2 years. Previously, Frank worked at a Washington DC-based investment research firm that specialized in providing research to Wall Street clients and focused on legislative, regulatory, and policy influences on the economy. In addition, Frank has been a personal affairs educator in Prague, Czech Republic, including CEO of Tesla SRO and CFO at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. In this course, students will read and discuss books that define the current business paradigm in U.S. global companies. Students gain a critical understanding of the concepts that influence management and strategy. Specific topics and authors include EQ, Group Dynamics, Growth Mindset, Daniel Goleman, Carol Dweck, Grant Cardone, and Amy Cuddy. Students receive in-depth reading assignments; These courses have been shown to help students develop confidence and familiarity with unfamiliar words and provide opportunities to draw contextual conclusions. In addition, students gain both greater self-confidence and knowledge of the tacit but agreed cultural characteristics that define corporate communications today. Our intensive language program consists of 120 lessons. It consists of 4 courses of 30 hours each: in the Business English course, students learn how to function effectively in an English work environment.

The course covers a number of basic business communication skills, including: Networking Negotiation Telephony Management Meetings Presentations Business Writing Each week, the course introduces new vocabulary and commonly used idioms and business expressions covering a wide range of business topics such as sales and marketing, human resources, management and finance. Being able to communicate with more confidence in business meetings and by phone In this class, students have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the topics they have tackled in listening, speaking and reading classes. This class consists of three components. Component 1: Students will engage in a targeted phonetic practice that emphasizes topics such as: American rhythm, intonation and stress, and minimal pairs such as “TH”: /ð/ vs. /θ/sounds. Component 2: Students will participate in task-based group learning exercises that integrate the topics covered during the week into other business classes. Component 3: Students will see and analyze the video commentaries of the case study that provide information from consultants and insiders who have been involved in business events defining the company. In summary, this class develops and integrates the applicable communication skills that students encounter in their listening and speaking lessons. This is a skills course that serves to further develop students` writing. The focus is on both the elements of the written style and the strategies behind their use. Students will encounter situations where written professional business communication is crucial – writing notes and slides for presentations, creating business plans and summaries, effective email exchanges, follow-up emails, writing for meetings, reporting on statistical information, and writing a cover letter for a resume.

Students learn the idioms and conventions that govern these situations, and they learn to use them strategically. Students will draw on the vocabulary they have already learned in other business courses to support their answers. This course is guided by the writing section component of the Linguaskill exam at the University of Cambridge. These courses are ideal for students and graduates who wish to pursue a career in business. St Giles New York City offers General English and English courses for business groups, which help students improve their English and develop specific English skills for a professional environment, such as presentations, report writing and email compilation. Prepare for a successful career by developing the language skills needed to communicate in the changing business world. What better place to learn business English than in the heart of New York`s financial district? Whether you`re already working in the business world and just need a little more practice, or you`ve never heard of a cover letter, the NYEA Business English program can help you navigate the rapidly changing business world of the world`s financial capital. This is a skill class that focuses on oral communication in the real world of business.

In this class, students have the opportunity to practice the idiomatic formulations they have learned during their reading and listening lessons. In addition, students simulate real business-related discussions: job interviews, negotiations, customer service interviews, etc. You will learn pragmatic skills to help them in these situations, such as strategies for developing discussions, time management concepts, negotiation language, transactional and transformational language, conflicting idioms and metaphors, take-turns language, invitation and response to questions, direct and indirect criticism, euphemisms, managing conference calls, and opportunities to give suggestions and advice. In addition to corporate role-playing games, students will do targeted work aimed at their pronunciation and speech rhythm. Students develop productive pronunciation skills towards the goal of maximum comprehensibility.