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In the final ceiling, the floor is depicted and is the same bluish and black tile as the corresponding room in the west hall and dining room. Papers were scattered on the floor. On the walls are hung papers with letters and a poster with the rules of furniture. There is also a black and white checkered strip with a red outline on the wall, and the rest of the wall is grayish in color. In the East Hall, wall posters are rarely replaced by drawn “IT`S ME” or crudely drawn faces of crying children in a style similar to Edvard Munch`s Cry of Nature. Note that such hallucinations cannot occur if Freddy or Chica are in the camera stream. On the third screen, Springtrap can be seen opening almost his entire head, similar to the hallucination of the Freddy poster in Five Nights at Freddy`s, mostly revealing the corpse`s remaining head in the costume. The sound that is played is William`s sound octet, which kills the player in the mini-games at the end of the night. The poster seen in West Hall Corner can turn into an image of Freddy ripping off his head, or, rarely, a close-up of Golden Freddy. If the poster changes to the latter, Golden Freddy will appear in the office as soon as the monitor is lowered.

The East Hall is a dark hallway, barely lit by a single light, with the floor almost completely hidden from the player`s view. Star decorations and wires hang from the ceiling. On the wall hang three cheerful posters of animatronic characters. The restaurant rules poster seen on CAM 4B sometimes turns into newspaper clippings about the missing children incident at Freddy Fazbear`s Pizza. On CAM 02 and CAM 10, players have the rare chance of Freddy`s posters becoming posters of Springtrap`s original counterpart, Spring Bonnie. There is no known trigger for this, but they occur at very rare intervals. The purpose of these occurrences is unknown as they have no known effect on gameplay. The posters return to their normal appearance when Springtrap is located on these cameras. On the far left is Chica, who has the text “EATING TIME!” in large letters above her head. The middle poster shows Freddy, with the text “FUN TIME!” in large letters under his head.

The third shows a rather limp Bonnie with the text “PARTY TIME!” in large letters above her head. Cobwebs can also be seen in the foreground. Coincidentally, from the corner of East Hall, the “Safety Rules” poster ends up becoming a newspaper clipping telling the story of the “Missing Children Incident.” There are a total of four newspaper clippings. Let`s go back to the first game. In the corner of the lobby hangs a poster listing the rules at Freddy`s. The rules are normal – a funny one says, “Not on the field” – but one of them is much scarier. There are young children who shit everywhere when they are bored or angry. My little brother was shitting on the floor in our shared room, and my little sister was deliberately pooping to annoy my parents. Например, эти ограничения в целом запрещают, кроме прочего, транзакции, в в д от торых участвуют следующие стороны: Only two hidden animatronics (both will later appear in Custom Night mode) can be identified: I think it`s more because Freddy is at the front of the stage East Hall is a location in Five Nights at Freddy`s in Freddy Fazbear`s Pizza. It is considered with CAM 4A and CAM 4B. Chica often follows these lanes as she approaches the player`s position.

Freddy Fazbear will also appear here later in the evening. Экономические санкции и торговые ограничения могут применяться к порядку использования вами Сервисов и могут изменяться, поэтому участникам следует регулярно проверять источники информации о санкциях. За юридической консультацией обращайтесь к квалифицированному специалисту. Sometimes a paper mannequin inexplicably disappears from Party Room 4 (CAM 04) and reappears in the office, hanging on the back wall to the right of the entrance area. It is not known why or how this happens. There are three main types of hallucinations in the game: visual hallucinations, object hallucinations, and Golden Freddy himself. Most hallucinations are random and can occur at any time during any night, even 1 night. Sometimes, once the doll has left the price corner, it can appear on the camera for very short intervals at random times.

He appears in the main camera in the lobby (CAM 07), usually his face flashes for short intervals or sometimes even in a standing position. Interestingly, on night 4 and beyond (as well as the custom night), when Chica occupies the corner, her head shakes and snaps, and a sound clip also used in visual hallucinations accompanies her. The same goes for Bonnie at West Hall Corner. This can be beneficial for the player as the sound byte is emitted without having to see it on the monitor, or even if they don`t have the monitor upstairs at all, such as when it`s in the kitchen. If the sound byte is played alone, without accompanying hallucinations, the player automatically knows that she and/or Bonnie are in their corners, so they don`t need to be checked. The player must check them in the mobile version because this audio file does not exist. The four newspaper clippings about the incident from the past. The words “IT`S ME” appear randomly, with rapidly changing images of a black-eyed version of Bonnie (with her left pupil similar to medical strabismus, commonly referred to as “lazy eye”), an eyeless version of Bonnie and Freddy Fazbear with human eyes.

The sounds of Night 5`s phone call accompany these hallucinations. “IT`S ME” visual hallucinations have a 0.1% chance of occurring every second. As soon as Freddy becomes active, he is allowed to enter the room. It can also appear in the corner and look directly into the camera. When this happens, it is on the verge of attacking as it skips the blind spot of the reverberation light and goes straight into the office. Seeing Freddy on camera East Hall Corner prevents him from moving. Switching to another camera allows him to enter the office and thus kill the player. It is best to close the right door if you are trying to see another camera. If Freddy hasn`t turned on the monitor at all, he can also enter the office. This policy applies to all individuals who use our Services, regardless of their location. The decision to familiarize yourself with such restrictions is yours. Animated characters from FNaF World characters sometimes appear on the desktop desk.

These included characters like Tangle, White Rabbit and Bouncepot. As a U.S. multinational operating in other countries, Etsy must comply with economic sanctions and trade restrictions, including those imposed by the U.S. Treasury Department`s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This means that Etsy or anyone using our Services cannot deal with specific people, places, or products from locations determined by government agencies such as OFAC, in addition to trade sanctions imposed by applicable laws and regulations. Bonnie`s photo screen with empty eye sockets has a 1 in 1000 chance (0.1%) of appearing every time the player is sent to the title screen, starts the game, finishes a game, or reaches one of the endings. After 9.5 seconds, two small white pupils appear in Bonnie`s eyes for 0.5 seconds before sending the player to the title screen. Similar to the paper doll from the second game that appears in the office, the Bonnie or Freddy doll appears randomly in the office, the flat Bonnie doll on the left above the box with animatronic parts, and the Freddy doll in the upper right corner of the desk.