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The University of Cincinnati School of Law offers real-world learning opportunities with our clinics, centers, and legal rotations. Many students also have the opportunity to gain volunteer work experience. At UC Law, the classroom is just the beginning. Want to know more? Request information today! The goal of the Legal Day School program is to bridge the gap between Hastings` inpatient and outpatient clinical offerings and a student`s desire to gain supervised direct legal experience in a particular area of practice. Field placements will not duplicate internships or experiences already available to students through our extensive clinical offering. If you have not yet completed a clinical course in a similar area of practice, you may be encouraged to do so before a practicum is approved for loans. UC Hastings students can learn more about legal clerkships on the clinic`s intranet page. If you haven`t yet landed an internship through a program or set list, try checking the websites of the organizations you`re interested in. You can easily discover an internship. If not, you can turn to them to develop your own internship. To identify organizations you can turn to, use these resources: At Cincinnati Law, we understand that real-world experiences not only enhance your resume, but also give you the opportunity to make important connections, network in your areas of interest, and learn first-hand what goes into different types of legal work. We offer experience in our prestigious centers and institutes, as well as internships and scholarships to set you up for lifelong success.

Whether you dream of becoming an executive, prosecutor, judge, social justice advocate, or lawyer, UC Law offers ways to get there. Academic component: The seminar focuses on developing the ability to learn from critical self-reflection and builds on students` experiences in their internships to enhance not only their understanding of the basic principles of substantive and procedural law relevant to their internships, but also the role of lawyers and legal institutions in society. The field of law offers a wide range of career opportunities. Opportunities may include law enforcement, lawyers, paralegals and paralegals, judges and hearing officers, court reporters, adjudicators, mediators and adjudicators. UC Hastings Externships gives students the opportunity to develop their legal skills in state-recognized or public law firms. Fieldwork component: Students work at least 12 weeks and an average of 12 to 20 hours per week in a recognized governmental or nonprofit legal organization. Registration is subject to approval of the student`s application and the proposed placement. Information about previous students` experiences in specific internships can be found at the Office of Internships and Pro Bono Programs, 3rd floor of the tower.

UC Hastings has one of the most extensive legal clerkship programs in the country. Students work with federal and state judges at the process and appellate level and administrative judges in a variety of federal and state agencies. UC Hastings` location in San Francisco`s Civic Center is just a few blocks from this vast selection of dishes. Each year, about 120 students spend a semester as external legal students. Students work full-time or part-time in judicial chambers on legal research notes and legal opinions under the supervision of judges and their trainee or permanent lawyers. The internship promotes the enhancement of analytical, research and writing skills in a real-world context where students must exercise professional judgment on a daily basis. The Legal Day School program offers students the opportunity to take on professional roles under the strict supervision of practicing lawyers in government-licensed or not-for-profit legal aid organizations. Students articulate learning objectives based on content, skills and also emphasize professionalism. Thus, students learn about substantive law, legal skills and professional liability in context, but also to observe, analyze and critique their own skills and the roles that lawyers and institutions play in our legal system.

Handshake – Filter by “Employment” or “Internship”, then select “Law” or “Public Policy” in the industry filter The Legal Day School program offers students the opportunity to participate in an approved clerkship program with a government agency or non-profit legal organization. The goal of the Legal Day School program is to bridge the gap between our clinical course offerings and a student`s desire to gain supervised direct legal experience in a particular area of practice or environment that is not otherwise available. In addition to the domestic violence and civil defense clinic mentioned above, we also offer other clinics where you can experience real justice. For example, our patent and trademark clinic allows you to practice intellectual property law with local lawyers. Our other clinics include: Goldman School of Public Policy`s Government Links – Additional websites on careers and jobs for government, politics and politics. You will complete at least 100 hours of work at an articling location, where you will be assigned to a lawyer field supervisor who will provide you with professional advice and mentorship. Cincinnati Law`s external court program gives you insight into the life of a court clerk. They prepare case briefs, review cases, draft expert opinions and orders, and participate in trials, hearings and conferences. You`ll also gain insight into the court process, learning not only how courts work, but also what drives judges to decide in certain ways. Articling at UC Law resulted in memorable experiences that brought our students to the top after graduation. Students have completed internships at Cincinnati Public Schools, Macy`s, Procter & Gamble, the Internal Revenue Service, and many other leading organizations.