Representante Legal De La Camara De Comercio De Villavicencio

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Registered office Centro Calle 39 No. 31 – 39 Barrio Centro Villavicencio, Meta – Colombia Design of its export strategy Technology-based industries. Puerto Carreño Office – Vichada Carrera 8 No. 20 – 20 Local 03 Arturo Bueno Neighborhood Socialization Resolution 810 of 2021 – “Under which the Technical Regulation on Nutrition and Frontal Labelling Requirements for Food for Human Consumption must be met or packaged” Directors will remain in office until December 31, 2022. and the inauguration and swearing-in took place in front of the Executive Speaker of the Chamber, Marly Paola Trujillo Riveros. Headquarters Avenida 40 No. 24A – 71 Villavicencio Meta – Colombia. Henry Walter Palma Becerra is the legal representative of MINERAL`S DEL LLANO SAS and Richard Jhair Loboa Sánchez is the legal representative of SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES PARA EL SECTOR ELÉCTRICA Y CIVIL SAS. “Power Bi Business Intelligence Course “Strategic tool for reporting and decision-making”.

Election managers of merchants and contractors affiliated with the CCV. Oficina Inirida – Guania Calle 19 n° 9 – 47 Barrio Comuneros. Bureau Puerto López Calle 6 No. 13-50 Barrio Jardín. Legal representative of SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES PARA EL SECTOR ELÉCTRICA Y CIVIL SAS Sede Puerto Gaitan Carrera 10 No. 11 – 60 Barrio El Triunfo. Legal representative of MINERAL`S DEL LLANO S.A.S. Biosecurity update for ornamental and body aesthetics.

Orinoco Expedition 2022 artesanías de Colombia s.a `Graphic image` Phone: (608) 6580488 Mobile: + 57 320 2301159. PRINCIPAL DELEGATE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT DEPUTY DELEGATE OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT LUCY MERCEDES GARCÍA HERRERA HAROLD DISNARDO DÍAZ GUIZA This Tuesday, 22. In February, an ordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Villavicencio was held, during which doctors Henry Walter Palma Becerra were re-elected executive president of the company and Richard Jhair Loboa Sánchez. as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Oficina Acacías Carrera 16 n° 13 – 17 Local 01 Barrio Centro.